Çiğköfteci Hasan Aybak

Over 4000 years, Cigkofte has been named as the unique, distinguished and delicious taste of Mesopotamia and Anatolian Cuisine. Under the brand of Çiğköfteci Hasan Aybak, through more than 30 years experience; we by taking it as a mission to help this taste that as a food culture in the country and abroad by blending with corporate principles of modern world. In accordance with international standards, our corporation has carried the position of Cigkofte in the overall food segment one step further by providing all hygiene standards that are necessary in the field of production and service to the Cigkofte sector.

On the profession of catering of Cigkofte; we present top-quality products appealing to your taste for all taste lovers through our three facilities that produce within international quality standards, with an extensive branch network and concurrent take-away food service methods.